About Us

Mitsuri Toys specialised in supplying, operating, and servicing inflatable products and portable water theme parks, which include but not limited to indoor and outdoor toys, swimming pools and wading pools etc. Based on creative products, industry innovations and business model enhancement, we strive our best to provide the highest quality and latest products to our valued clients.

We are the first operator of portable theme park in South East Asia which carries a large variety of sizes, styles and colors for Water Toys and Dry Products.

Our ability to provide one stop solution to clients’ water theme park needs is our advantage. We provide overall design, site design and guidance work services. To ensure our clients can focus more on their portable water park business, we are the only company in South East Asia that provides after sales services and overall maintenance jobs.

We welcome government agencies, corporate and private sectors, hotel and resort operators to collaborate with us to promote this business. We will provide the best consultation and advices accordingly.

Our Goal
To create the highest quality, most entertaining and secured portable theme park.

Our Mission
Popularize water game to the mass public of South East Asean countries.

Our Values

Win-Win Strategy
We value each and every customer. Assisting our clients to achieve their goal is our duty.

Being creative is where our strength lies.

Environment Friendly
Water saving, energy saving and effective land or resources usage is what we focus on. Being eco-friendly is not simply a motto but a standard practice in our productions, operations and services.

Maximum product safety and theme park operation management.

Our Team
Integrity – Being honest and serve with sincerity.
Efficiency & Quality – Highest quality, best creativity and effective servicing.
Team Work – Sincere collaboration among team members to bring out the best solution.